Microbes and Oil Cleaners

i.    LYNN BV+

A solution of viable bacteria in nutrient .Control of fats, oils and grease in grease traps and drains.

ii.    FATKING

A highly concentrated blend of multiple bacterial spores, specifically selected to function in the grease trap environments FATKING was formulated to breakdown animal fats and vegetable oils and has been successfully used in treating wastewater arising from food processing facilities, municipal sewerage pumping and lift stations as well as grease traps where fats and organic oils are a concern.

iii.    PITKING

Is a blend of bacteria and free enzymes specially formulated to breakdown domestic and industrial waste of animal and vegetable origin.
PITKING has been applied in a variety of areas including pit latrines and septic tanks, all types of municipal sewerage works and in the treatment of waste from industries which produce an organic waste eg. Wine industry, fruit processing, meat processing.


CLEANSORB  oil absorbent is a cost effective organic oil absorbent for use on small & large industrial and marine oil spillages. It is lightweight and super absorbent.


-    Absorbs up to 14x its own weight
-    Non-toxic
-    Non-leaching
-    Repels water
-    Fume suppressing