Water Treatment

Water & Waste Water

From assessing your project needs to your plant installation and commissioning, we offer to provide our full technical and on-site support services to find your best water and wastewater treatment solution. We provide the following services:
• Plant design & engineering
• Plant manufacture
• System installation / commissioning
• Operator training

We provide the following services:

• Install Level concrete base.
• Complete small civil works.
• Complete piping and connections.
• Supply and install balance tank. Our unique range of plants can service the daily needs of between 200 to 15,000 people. Typical applications include:
• Camp facilities and remote locations
• Military camps
• Research & exploration stations.
• Small municipalities.
• Recreation properties.

In addition, our plants can service the daily needs of industrial wastewaters. Typical applications include:
• Food manufacture / process.
• Landfill leachate.
• Hospitals
• Wineries
• General industrial wastewaters
to mention just a few of the types of wastewaters we have treated successfully. Plant operating costs are low with low maintenance costs, offering clients excellent value for money.

•Pharmaceutical product water
• Dairy & food products.
• Beverages
• Package drinking water
• Cosmetics