Our general services

We offer services that meet our customer’s requirements. Some of these are:

  1. Laboratory testing for chemical and microbial analysis of feedwater,process water.Legionella control,cleaning and monitoring.Boiler water & cooling tower analysis.
  2. Boiler descaling, boil out activities before commissioning supply and installations of steam lines,  lagging and cladding.
  3. Installations of laundry equipments, water softeners, Demineralization plants and reverse osmosis.
  4. Calorifier cleaning, water tank supplies and plumping works for water systems.
  5. Supply, installations and commissioning of laboratory equipments. Water treatment products ( water plants , Cooling tower and Boiler systems)Laboratory equipment.
  6. Specialty Chemicals (cleaning, sanitizer and specialised application)
  7. Engineering services (maintenance & Installations)