Boiler Services


We import, supply, install and service various types of  boilers.

Service Excellence

Our service engineers and technicians will install the boilers as per customer requirements as well as parts supply and service.

The scope of boiler supply

Boiler system for


- High pressure saturated steam.
- High pressure superheated steam.
- Low pressure steam.
- High pressure hot water.
- Low pressure hot water.

Boiler types


- Three pass boilers.
- Two pass boilers.
- Quick-steam generators.
- Water-tube boilers.
- Electric boilers.
- Waste/wood heat boilers.

Firing systems



- Light fuel oil firing systems.
- Heavy fuel oil firing systems.
- Waste andwood heat systems.
- Electrically heated steam boilers.
- Solid fuel firing sysytems for coal, wood, waste material, biomass and other waste.
- Grate systems.
- Ash removal arrangements.
- Convey or installations.
- Steel chimmneys.
- Dust extraction installation.

Boiler water system

- Feedwater treament plants.
- Deaeration plants.
- Automatic demineralization system.

Boiler Conversion installations of all makes




- Economizers.
- Waste gas heat exchangers.
- Condensate systems.
- Fuel conversions.
- Burner optimization.
- O2-control systems.
- Flue gas recirculation.
- Fully electronic Water level control systems.
- Safety control systems for fully automatic - boiler operation supervision only neccessary from time to time

Consultation and service



  1. Engineering,

    - Installation,

    - Pipework construction,

    - Hire boiler service,

    - Second hand boiler service,

    - Retrofitting service,

  2. Refractory works

    - After-sales service covering every need for boiler firing system, control system, safety system, energy saving techniques-to ensure that all units operate permanently in complete harmony.